Prashant Group of Companies

Prashant Group of Companies is a name to reckon with in the chemical intermediates industry. Established in 1987, we are a group dedicated to delivering high quality products to our customers through the help of constant research & development. Presently we have three production plants located in the heart of the chemical industrial zone based in Ahmedabad (India). Our production facilities have the capacity to produce 6000 MT of intermediates per annum and each unit facilitates different reaction capabilities for improved production efficiency. Our quality products are globally accepted by our honored customers and are being exported to potential markets like Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, UK, USA etc.

Group Companies

Industrial Chemical Works
Started in 1987, the Industrial Chemical Works has its own QC laboratory and reaction capabilities in Sulphonation, Reduction, Fusion, Diazo Tization and Hydrolysis. Today, it is the largest manufacturer and exporter of PAAB4SA (Para Amino Azo Benzene 4 Sulfonic Acid).

R. K. Industries
R. K. Industries came into existence in 1995 with reaction capabilities in Amidation, Nitration and Dry Sulphonation (Backing Process). To keep check on quality of raw materials the company holds its own QC lab inside the plant. It has the largest capacity in the country to manufacture Amidation products such as PNAOSA, ONAPSA etc.

Prashant Industries
Established in 2008, Prashant Industries boasts of a high class laboratory and a state-of-the-art R&D centre. Prashant Industries is a high end facility location with reaction capabilities in Sulphonation, Acetylation, Dry Acetylation, Reduction, Fusion, Condensation, Hydrolysis and Desulphonation. It has specialized in Dry Acetylation, a reaction indigenously developed by Prashant Industries that eliminates water pollution.